Statement About Player Breaching Lockdown

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Wellington Rugby Football Union have been made aware of a breach of Level 4 lockdown by Wellington Lions Captain, Du'Plessis Kirifi.

We expect our players to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the high standards of WRFU and the Wellington Lions, and as such, we’re disappointed with Kirifi’s unacceptable decision-making regarding the breach. We can confirm that no other Wellington Lions players were involved.”

We’ve spoken to the player in question, and he has taken full responsibility for his conduct in this incident. He knows it was unacceptable and is disappointed with himself.

“I want to apologise to the Wellington community, family and friends, as well as WRFU and Hurricanes rugby for breaching lockdown. I take full responsibility for my actions here. I’m hugely disappointed with myself and this huge error of judgement. I know every day, thousands of people are working tirelessly to stop COVID-19, so for me to break my bubble was selfish and immature.” - Du'Plessis Kirifi, Wellington Lions Captain

Further conversations will be had internally between Du'Plessis Kirifi and Wellington Lions management.

- Matthew Evans, CEO, Wellington Rugby Football Union (WRFU)


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