Revised Format for 2021 Men's Premier Reserve Competition chosen

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Wellington Rugby Football Union’s clubs have agreed on a revised format for the 2021 Men's Premier Reserve Competition.

Having identified there is a large disparity in the quality of our Premier Reserve teams, a more social and irregular participant, and large score margins in 2020, clubs deemed change was needed. Adding to this, was the conclusion that a First Grade competition would not be viable in 2021 again.

In the best interests of rugby overall in the Wellington region, player welfare, and to mitigate any further reduction in teams, clubs considered what would provide a meaningful competition to all Clubs and teams in Wellington.

Following discussion, Club Delegates voted 15-2 in favour of the Premier 2 proposal at the Rugby Board meeting in March. Full details are:

2021 Men’s Premier 2 Competition Format:

  • The Premier Reserve grade be rebranded to Premier 2,

  • The grade be split into two divisions based on 2020 final standings, with promotion/relegation after the first round – one team promoted, and one team relegated 

  • The First Grade competition remains disbanded and,

  • The competition be expanded to include any non-Premier Clubs senior teams who previously played First Grade, or any third senior teams from Premier Clubs

The Premier 2 competition will begin on Saturday 10 April and where possible, draws will be structured to provide the Premier 2 team as a curtain raiser for the Premier team.

A draw will be finalised, distributed to clubs and published on our social media channels by Monday 5 April.