Situation Vacant: Junior Rugby Advisory Board Members

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The Junior Rugby Advisory Board is ‘constitutionally’ a sub-committee of the Rugby Board of the Wellington Rugby Football Union (WRFU) and is the Governance body for Junior Rugby.


Our Junior Rugby Vision:            “More kids playing rugby and enjoying the rugby experience”

Our Junior Rugby Purpose:         “To lead, support and inspire the delivery of rugby”


Our Junior Rugby Values:                 

Respect, openness and integrity

Unity with all of parents

Game for all

Best practice in all we do

Youth is our future


The Junior Rugby Advisory Board (JRAB) is responsible for:

The strategic direction, structure, and policies of all aspects of junior rugby, including club, primary school, and community.  The administration and delivery of all aspects of junior rugby operations is the responsibility of WRFU.


Are You The Right Person?

We are seeking applicants that are strategic, curious and innovative and who want to add value to a well-established and respected organisation, while at the same time wishing to work in and enhance the team culture.

We would like to hear from applicants who can demonstrate strong strategic awareness, leadership and judgment and preferably with some experience in a senior management and/or governance role.  NB One of the ‘appointed vacancies’ calls for the member to have experience and/or an understanding of primary and/or intermediate rugby.

Knowledge of the sport is desirable but not essential.

The Board is currently seeking one elected and two appointed members.  All applicants are asked to complete the official Application form (attached) and forward to

In accordance with the constitution the JRAB Appointments Panel will determine which candidates are to be appointed and will recommend to the Junior Club Rugby Convenors the elected nominee/s for consideration in JRAB determined priority order, for those present (and entitled to vote).


Term of Office

The term of office for all JRAB Members shall usually be three years.  The schools representative shall be appointed for a term of one year.  They will be eligible to seek reappointment for a term of three years at the conclusion of their one-year term.

Members may serve for two consecutive terms, if re-elected/re-appointed after the first term.  (Maximum term in office without a break is six years).


To Register Your Interest

Please forward your completed application form to by Sunday 5th November 2017.